Burglary is one of the most common crimes in Dublin. It can be financially and emotionally devastating for you and your family and the experience can have a long-lasting impact.

Take action before you’re a victim and beat the burglar!

Burglars are opportunists; they are scanning your neighbourhood for a target. They’re looking for an opportunity, a weakness in security.”

What do burglars look for once they’ve identified a target?

A big front window on a property allows a burglar to scan what’s in your house, they’re looking for things like money, mobile phones, laptops, iPads and jewellery. Then they will check out the quality of the security on the windows and doors. Most timber Front and Back Doors have basic locking systems fitted, which makes it easy for the burglar. With our Composite or uPVC Doors you have 8 different locking points. The Windows & Doors come with a Police approved locking system, making it extremely difficult for the burglar.

Burglars use various techniques including fishing for keys through the letter box or snapping the lock, or with old PVC windows removing the glass from the window. Our uPVC Windows & Doors are designed not only to keep the heat in but to keep the burglars out, just like the hundreds and hundreds of customers throughout Dublin we have kept safe and warm in their homes.

The back of the house is where burglars usually try to gain entry.As they approach the back of the property they’re looking out for opportunities. Any evidence of pets, such as a cat flap, indicates you probably don’t have the alarm on. A cat flap also weakens the entire area around the door, allowing a burglar to kick the back door in or fish for your keys so it’s important you don’t leave these in the door. They will also look for things lying around such as tools or garden furniture which could help them break in.

What does a burglar do once in the house?

Once they’ve gained entry to the property a burglar will immediately head to the front door where they will balance a brush or a bottle against the door. They will then ransack upstairs, beginning by kicking the bed over, as this is where many people hide their valuables. They will then head immediately to the kitchen where important documents are generally kept. If the homeowner returns, the noise at the front door confuses them whilst giving the burglar a couple of seconds to escape through the back door, which is open the entire time. The only place they won’t go is the attic, once they’re in the loft they’re stuck and they can’t escape. The whole process could take only a minute and a half, escaping through the back of the property with thousands of pounds worth of your belongings.

What type of things are they looking for?

Laptops, iPads, gadgets, jewellery, – anything that can be wiped clean and sold on easily. Car theft is also on the increase and opportunists will break into your house just to get your keys which are traditionally left by the front or back door.

What don’t people think about when it comes to security?

Social media is a big problem, people will share details about their address, talk about when they’re going on holiday or brag about things they’ve bought. This type of information is invaluable to a criminal. Check all you window and door locking systems, do not leave windows open, leave a light on, make it look like there is someone home.

Burglars will also assess the accessibility of cars outside the property to see how easily they can be driven away. Only 1% of drivers steer their wheels into the curb when parallel parking as opposed to the 99% who either leave their wheels straight or angled out towards the road. Without realizing the 99% that do not steer their wheels in towards the curb, are leaving themselves more open to having the vehicle stolen as it can be easily driven away from the scene.

What advice would you give to homeowners in storing their valuables?

The attic is the safest part of the house. Burglars don’t want confrontation and will ensure they have an immediate escape route. A safe is also an excellent way to store your valuables but ensure it’s secured to the ground or too heavy to be carried away.

Final advice?

I always say to people, imagine if you were locked out – what would you do to get into your property? It’s exactly the same process a burglar goes through.

If you are thinking of changing your windows or Doors for uPVC Double or Triple glazed windows & doors, security is very important.

Let Astral Home Improvements secure your home with Energy ed uPVC Windows and doors, all with Secured By Design High Security locks

Take action before you’re a victim and beat the burglar!


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