Something we come across very often is that a house has conservatory, but it is unsuitable for the location, or is quite old and doesn’t benefit from the more modern glazing technology that can be used today. The effect of this is usually that the room is often too hot in the summer months, and too cold in the winter months, and as such is completely under used. One area we specialise in is converting conservatories into sunrooms by installing a high performance roof. You can see how this process works in the video below.


Conservatories and Sunrooms are perfect to add extra space to your home. A conservatory can transform the way you use your home, providing versatile additional space. Discover a lifetime of luxury with our conservatories and sun lounges designed and constructed to suit your needs with little or no disruption to the family while being built. A valuable room with many uses, a place to enjoy the garden all year round, a beautiful breakfast room, a feature room to entertain your guests whatever the occasion, a place to sit and relax for all the family.


Conservatory Considerations

The two big factors are available light and the rooms intended use. The natural sunlight aspect needs to be considered not only for the new room itself, but for the knock on effect it will have on the house at the point which the conservatory or sunroom will attach. The rooms intended use will also help form the design options, do you wish to use it as an everyday dining room, or perhaps as somewhere to sit and enjoy the garden during the summer months? These questions will help us form a design plan, and make the best recommendation on whether a Sunroom or Conservatory is most appropriate for you.


No Cost, No Obligation consultation and quotation


Of course, a conservatory is a significant investment and you need to be sure of the quality, service and value for your money, Astral Home Improvements will happily provide you with full details and explain your options and give you guidelines as to the most suited type of conservatory to choose from. Our expert advice doesn’t cost you anything, so why not get in touch now, and we will let you know the options that best suit you as well as the cost of your new conservatory.

As there are generally no foundations or brickwork to be done this is an incredibly quick and clean process, with the build in the video above taking just 3 days on site! Of course quick turnaround time means minimal labour costs, so get in touch and arrange for a free quote.

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